Our Approach

Operational risk Capital awards. Risk technology awards

With our approach, the institution retains full control over its analytics.

The Analytics Boutique uplifts the analytics of your institution by providing software solutions that:

  • Enable user friendly and transparent analytical processes
  • Bring in industry standards and best practices in analytics
  • Provide full model governance with audit trail, user control and thorough reporting features
  • Minimise model errors as a result of the elimination of manual processes
  • Reduce dependence on highly skilled analytical coding experts due to the automation of analytical processes and data flows
  • Deliver full model validation features


Our solutions cover the following areas of
risk management and measurement

> Operational risk management and modelling software solutions:

    • Structured Scenario Analysis: web based solution for planning, developing and modelling risk scenarios under structured expert judgment methods. It determines the money value of risk and the NPV of mitigation actions
    • OpCapital Analytics: OpRisk capital modelling for Pillar 2, using hybrid model approach integrating internal and external loss data and scenario analysis
    • OpRisk Loss Forecasting: time series modelling of operational losses to create prediction models based on macroeconomic variables, KRIs, KCI or else. It can be used for the stress testing of operational risk

> Credit risk management and modelling software solutions:

> Integrated Financial Resource Management web-based solution:

    • Projects full financial statements under any macroeconomic or business scenarios, including stress test scenarios, with close to unlimited number of macroeconomic and business variables
    • Provides an integrated and consistent analysis of P&L, BS, capital requirements and availability and liquidity resulting from simulated scenarios
    • Assesses the entity’s strategy impact on the financial statements accommodating both business, macroeconomic and risk variables
    • Fully customizable in terms of business units, financial statements items, macroeconomic models, projection variables, users, reports and more

> Other solutions:

    • ModelRisk View: permits the management of model risk along the model’s life cycle through a robust workflow, flexible reporting and alerts framework
    • BrandRisk implements a solid framework to manage the risks affecting brands and their impact in the financial value of the brand asset
    • Solutions for MS Office based applications: Excel Webisiertransforms an Excel application into a web-based solution; ETL40 is an ETL engine intra MS Office products for transferring information across Excel spreadsheets, Word and PowerPoint and building customised reports
    • Residual Value Calculation: automates the calculation of residual value in leasing contracts


Operational risk quantification and capital