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Risk technology Awards 2018 (PDF)
Risk.Net article featuring The Analytics Boutique being awarded Best Risk Scenario Product of the Year and best Op risk scenarios product of the year , during Risk Technology Awards 2018.

Operational Risk Awards 2016 (PDF)
Risk.Net article featuring The Analytics Boutique being awarded Best Product of the Year, Best Stress Testing Product and Best Risk Analytics Tool, during Operational Risk Awards 2016

> InsuranceERM Awards 2017 (PDF)
The Analytics Boutique was awarded Best Analytics Solution and Best Stress Scenario Software by InsuranceERM in February 2017

> Operational Risk Capital Models, RiskBooks 2015, introduction (PDF)
Please, find in the link the introduction to one of our main publications. The full version of the book can be acquired at:

> Structured Scenario Analysis FACTSHEET (PDF)
It helps you implement robust and efficient scenario analysis process to increase the quality of loss estimates, mitigating cognitive biases, linking risk measurement and mitigation and obtaining robust potential loss metrics and stable capital estimates

> OpCapital Analytics FACTSHEET (PDF)
This Analytics Boutique solution helps you implement robust and user friendly operational risk modelling for a deep understanding of operational risk exposures and potential losses from the institution’s risk profile

> Loan Pricing Acceleris FACTSHEET (PDF)
Our solution provides a fully controlled, high precision and efficient process for loan rating and pricing


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